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Additionally, those who haven’t started the recovery process sometimes never get there due to the strong fear of failing. The key is to work to overcome your fear of failing, and realize that it’s okay fear of being sober to be afraid when overcoming alcoholism or substance abuse problems. Making the choice to get sober is a scary process for most people. Living a clean lifestyle involves many different hurdles.

The truth is, some of them didn’t stick around and I learned sort of the hard way that the ones who mattered are the ones who did. Because they might lose their friends, many people are afraid of getting sober. After getting sober, some of your friends will leave. People who are your friends, not just when you drink and do drugs with them, become true friends that are always by your side–not just fair-weather friends or party friends.

Common Fears in Addiction Recovery – and How to Face Them

Additionally, I made many other sober friends through community recovery groups that I could call any time to hang out with. Fear of what life will be like when all the mind-altering substances and parties stop is a common reason people don’t want to get clean. Getting sober also means that you have to admit that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, which can be scary for some people to do on its own. You will be surprised at how much courage you have inside you. The first step is to admit you have a problem with alcohol or drugs and then genuinely commit to seeking treatment.

If a booked social calendar is important to you, you’ll find ways to be proactive and realign what you do to fit your new lifestyle. There are plenty of things people do that do not involve or center around alcohol. You might be a little bored at first, but with time, you’ll discover new and more fulfilling things to do with your time. In my mind, sobriety meant Friday nights alone on my couch, watching Netflix and hiding from the rest of the world who was definitely out drinking. If you’ve spent the last umpteen years being THAT girl or guy, partying hard, struggling through the days hungover, and doing it all again – sobriety means an entirely new identity.

“I Am Afraid I Will Lose My Courage”

If the social situation does become overwhelming, having an escape plan can help keep you from succumbing to temptation. There are plenty of people who do get sober through AA and plenty more who successfully get sober through alternatives to AA. Many people had the belief that recovery was just one thing but reality showed them that recovery is actually a spectrum of experiences that you can define for yourself.

Major life changes are required to go from active addiction to successful recovery, and the fear of change can make the process even more difficult. Don’t let your fear of sobriety, your fear of change or your fear of the unknown stop you from living the life you deserve. Yes there will probably be difficult times ahead but there will also be some amazing times, you will experience things that you never thought possible. In early sobriety, I worried a lot about what I was going to do now that I wasn’t getting messed up all the time. At first I spent a lot of time going to recovery meetings.

Confessions of an Alcoholic Mom, Part I: Motherhood and Alcoholism

It’s what you use to check out of everything else. The truth is, you have no idea what success will look or feel like. Spending mental energy on things you cannot possibly know is useless. Every time you (or I) do that, we choose to suffer. You will have good days, hopeless days, and every other sort of in-between day on this journey. Fears about sobriety are common, even for people who desperately seek it.

Biggest Fears About Getting Sober

This is a common one for a lot of us that get sober. For me, the thought of having to divulge my messy past while on a first date with someone made me cringe. I couldn’t stomach the idea of having to actually be vulnerable and not expect someone else to judge me for my past. Ultimately, it all comes down to fear of rejection.